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Ever want to put a Tracking Device in your bike in case it got stolen but didn’t know where to hide it?

Introducing the “Fork Cork” to plug ANY tapered fork!
It takes seconds to remove/install, is extremely stealth and won’t void your forks warranty.

Why so expensive though…..?
Both washers and turn knobs are CnC’d from a solid block of aluminum so there’s a lot of recycled metal waste. They’re then anodized and laser etched for style and longevity. The proprietary neoprene washers are cut via high pressure water jet. The stainless steel screws we use are expensive, however they will not rust despite the rough elements it will see.

Fork Corks are manufactured and assembled in the USA to ensure they’ll last.

Besides keeping the inners of your headset dry you can secretly stash:
• Tracker for bike theft
• Emergency Space Blanket
• Multi-Tool
• Co2’(s) and Adapter
• Pocket Knife
• Money or Gold Coins
• Water proof lighter/Matches
• Poncho
• Granola Bar and/or a Lollipop
• Party Favors

Wrap item(s) in a paper towel to prevent rattling.

*Items reflect length of steerer *Will not fit Lefty or FOX 38